About Us

Since its beginning in 2002, the Gold Bullion group has always operated with the goal of providing elite Simmental Genetics to both commercial and fellow purebred breeders. Although some of the members have changed over the years, the same attention to detail and pursuit of perfection continues on. Our goal as a group is not only to provide breed leading Simmental genetics, but also to build a relationship and partnership with our customers. We take pride in trying to be more than just a face on sale day, but instead be a resource for your livestock operation throughout the year(s). Please take a few minutes to get to know the individual breeders of our group, and feel free to visit our contact page to reach any member of the group at any time.

Schaake Farms

Schaake Farms of Westmoreland, Kansas, has been a family owned and operated Simmental operation for more than 45 years. Since day one, their priority is to produce seedstock cattle that are sound, functional and display genetic excellence. The Schaakes focus on selecting for structural correctness, fleshing ability and marketing appeal. They strive to raise bulls that have superior disposition, add growth, performance, and pounds to your calves while still maintaining structural integrity within the pasture. Selection pressure for calving ease, maternal influence, moderate growth, disposition and a manageable mature size has been stressed for several generations. Their program is built around successful cow families, and they utilize intensive artificial insemination and embryo transfer programs to build future generations around proven genetics. The Schaakes enjoy building relationships with their customers, and provide a superior experience in helping other families reach their goals. To learn more about the Schaake operation, visit www.schaakefarmsinc.com.

M4 Simmentals

The Marple’s have been involved with Simmental cattle for the better part of 40 years. Troy grew up in a Simmental family which is still operating in S.E. Kansas today. Nicole has been the secretary for K.S.A. for several years. Logan & Laney are actively involved in K.J.S.A. Marple Farms was established in 2006 and has grown steadily ever since. We utilize a program that consist of 100% A.I. & embryo transfer. Our breeding program is based on some basic fundamentals. We always select for Calving Ease, Growth, Maternal and Carcass traits. We won’t sacrifice one for another and we refuse to chase the extremes. We are always going to place selection pressure on Disposition, Structural integrity and Phenotype. Our product is always fully guaranteed.

Mid-Am Genetics

Mid-Am Genetics was started in 2008 with the purchase of 2 Simmental and 2 Angus heifers. Founded by Ryan and Kayla Bodenhausen (daughters Brinley and Bryer) near Muscotah, KS, our herd now consists of around 45 Registered and Commercial Simmental and SimAngus cows. Ryan and Kayla both grew up raising and showing livestock and remain actively involved in the livestock industry on a daily basis as Ryan is employed by Select Sires and Kayla is an Ag Instructor at USD 377. Our breeding philosophy revolves around 3 major principles, Production, Performance, and Phenotype. We strive to raise cattle that are versatile and can thrive in all operations with those three principles in mind. A strong emphasis has been placed on what we call convenience traits, such as fertility, udders and feet, all things that can improve the longevity and sustainability of a herd. We are a self-sufficient operation, so cattle are culled/selected for disposition and longevity as well.

Parsons Livestock

Parsons Livestock started building a Simmental program in 2004 when Garrett purchased his first purebred cow while in graduate school. Garrett, Marka, and Pate have utilized an extensive embryo transfer and artificial insemination protocol designed around a few extraordinary females to grow the cow herd. Our focus has been on producing phenotypically and genetically superior cattle that display structural excellence, functionality, while optimizing the important production traits of calving ease, growth, carcass merit, and fleshing ability. A strong emphasis is always placed on disposition; only easy to handle cattle will be retained and marketed.

McCracken Livestock

McCracken Livestock has been running Simmental cattle in northeast Kansas for more than 20 years. In 2009, Zach and Susie began sharpening the focus of the program, centered around producing registered, performance-oriented seedstock cattle. Since that time, we’ve taken advantage of extensive AI, ET, and IVF protocols to determine what works best to meet our goals of soundness and functionality. Our cattle have to be able to cover ground, raise solid progeny, and pay for themselves. Years of evaluating cattle have taught us to hold true to the fundamentals of sound structure before anything else. Our guiding principle is to only offer what we ourselves would retain, ensuring the best quality for our customers. We strive to build relationships and follow the journey of our cattle once they’ve left the farm, so that each year we can mindfully plan matings that will continue to be successful.

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